Nothing Phone’s NothingOS 1.1.4 Update Adds New Features and a September Patch (1)

Nothing Phone’s NothingOS 1.1.4 Update Adds New Features and a September Patch (1). The Nothing Phone (1) was released in India and other global countries in July. Two months have gone by since the Nothing Phone’s debut, and the company has already released three upgrades (1). Now, the company has begun distributing yet another update for the Phone (1). The most recent firmware upgrade for the mobile device features Nothing OS 1.1.4 and includes the September security patch. Follow For More Updates at

Nothing Phone's NothingOS 1.1.4 Update Adds New Features and a September Patch (1)
Nothing Phone’s NothingOS 1.1.4 Update Adds New Features and a September Patch (1)

Additionally, with the NothingOS 1.1.4 upgrade, the company has incorporated a few additional features. Let’s examine the features, enhancements, and modifications that NothingOS 1.1.4 provides to the Nothing Phone (1).

Nothing Mobile (1) NothingOS 1.1.4 Changelog and New Features

Nothing has fully integrated the Ear (1) software into the Nothing OS, allowing Nothing Phone (1) users to choose between Noise Cancellation modes and adjust gesture controls directly from the Quick Setting tiles. Additionally, the update includes the ability to invert the 3-button navigation bar.

In addition, the Nothing OS 1.1.4 upgrade includes a new watermark with a Nothing motif and compatibility with the LHDC audio codec. The manufacturer has also enhanced the colour calibration of photographs captured with the ultra-wide-angle camera.

According to the manufacturer, the colour consistency between the primary and ultra-wide-angle sensors has been enhanced NothingOS. The face unlocking algorithm has not been enhanced with the current update.

New attributes

  • New option to flip the navigation bar’s three buttons.
  • None of the functions of the Ear (1) app is incorporated into Nothing OS.
  • In Quick Settings and Settings, you may customise gesture controls and toggle Noise Cancellation options, among other things.
  • Now supports high-definition LHDC audio.

Camera upgrades

  • New ability to apply a watermark with a Nothing motif to the camera app.
  • Improved ultra-wide camera colour calibration and boosted colour uniformity between the primary and ultra-wide sensors.
  • A new motion detection algorithm has been developed to increase the shooting steadiness of moving objects.
  • Enhanced photography speed in ultra-wide mode while utilising HDR.

System improvements

  • September Security Patch Updated
  • Reduced battery use for Always On Display and additional use cases.
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency
  • New interface for system updates
  • Face Unlock algorithm enhancement.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved network difficulties for several carriers.
  • Fixed a problem that caused inbound calls to display as Unknown Contact.
  • The HDFC Bank app’s fingerprint issue has been resolved.
  • General bug fixes.

As usual, the update may be rolled out in stages, thus it may not yet be accessible to all Nothing Phone (1) users. In the next few days, we anticipate the corporation to undertake a wider rollout. The Nothing Phone (1) will be offered at a steep discount in the near future.


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