INGLO, Mahindra’s brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today.

INGLO, Mahindra’s brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today. Mahindra has achieved unquestionable success with its recent introductions of the XUV700 and the Scorpio N, and now the business announced its intention to create a splash in the EV market as well. The Indian carmaker introduced its new electric architecture and displayed five electric SUVs based on it at a major event in London.

The INGLO modular electric skateboard will serve as the foundation for the company’s new line of born-electric EVs scheduled for release by the end of 2024. Intriguingly, the company asserts that the platform will use Volkswagen MEB components; earlier this year, the two companies revealed their intention to study such a concept. Follow For More Updates at

INGLO, Mahindra's brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today.
INGLO, Mahindra’s brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today.

The INGLO system

The INGLO platform encompasses advanced battery technology, brain power, platform design, and human-machine interface, the company said, adding that the platform will serve as the foundation for all Mahindra EVs in the future.” INGLO has the best safety standards in its class, exciting performance, a long-range, good driving dynamics, the ability to adapt, and a high-tech human-machine interface” (HMI).INGLO also offers a multi-sensory driving experience with a future heads-up display powered by augmented reality, an edge-to-edge screen, 5G network connectivity, and Over-The-Air updates that will maintain EVs in pristine condition “said the release.

Mahindra’s electric sport utility vehicles: dimensions

The INGLO platform will be utilized to construct SUVs with lengths between 4,368mm and 4,735mm; for comparison, the XUV700 measures 4,691mm in length. The wheelbase of the platform will be variable, albeit only by a tiny amount of 13mm, ranging from 2,762 to 2,775mm. However, the front and rear overhangs will vary significantly, with an 87mm and 293mm bandwidth, respectively.

Mahindra is also devoting special attention to ground clearance, a major concern with the majority of electric vehicles. The firm is aiming for a ramp break-over angle of 20 degrees and a battery with a ground clearance of 218mm, whereas the company’s competitors fall between 150 and 190mm.

Mahindra INGLO EV: battery

Mahindra asserts that its new architecture would have a standardized battery pack design with Blade and Prismatic cell designs. Mahindra’s will utilize LFP chemistry, which, despite having a lower energy density than NMC-based cells, is claimed to be safer. The capacity of vehicle batteries will range from 60 to 80 kWh, and they will be able to take a rapid charge of 175 kW, which will allow them to reach 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. According to Mahindra, the 80kWh battery should provide a WLTP-estimated range of 435 to 450 kilometers.

INGLO, Mahindra's brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today.
INGLO, Mahindra’s brand-new electric vehicle architecture, has been unveiled today.

Mahindra INGLO EV: drivetrain

The new e-SUVs will include both rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. The front motor will produce a maximum of 109 horsepower and 135 Newton-meters of torque, while the rear motor will produce 286 horsepower and 560 Newton-meters of torque. Mahindra claims the rear-drive variants would have between 231 and 286 horsepower, while the AWD models will have between 340 and 394 horsepower. Mahindra promises a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time between 5 and 6 seconds.

Mahindra INGLO EV: safety

Mahindra’s asserts that the INGLO platform automobiles will also perform well under GNCAP, EuroNCAP, and BNCAP, in keeping with its stated goal of achieving good scores for its new vehicles in the various NCAP programs. The body-in-white includes three load channels to distribute frontal collision energy and ultra-high-strength boron steel battery protection. Active safety has also been given serious consideration, and Mahindra claims that its vehicles will be equipped with ADAS capabilities up to L2+ autonomy.

Mahindra INGLO EV: handling dynamics

In light of Mahindra’s recent handling improvements, the company claims that its semi-active dampers provide a balance between a comfortable ride and superb handling. With active dampers, the Drive modes also affect the suspension’s reaction and feel. The front suspension consists of McPherson struts, while the rear suspension is composed of five links. Assisting the steering will be a dual-pinion rack, and stopping power will be provided by brake-by-wire technology, which will be separated from the hydraulic system and permit numerous brake modes for pedal sensation and recovery.

Mahindra INGLO EV: Specifications

Given that the first of the new e-SUVs will not be available for some time, few of their exact characteristics have been published. Nevertheless, the business has stated that the vehicles would feature a vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability to power external electrical items, such as camping lights.

In addition to the rear trunk, SUVs will have a front trunk or frunk, and the highlight of the cabin will likely be the gigantic pillar-to-pillar triple screen setup, which consists of a panel containing three 12.3-inch 1920 x 720p displays. Additionally, there will be a HUD with enhanced navigation.

Mahindra INGLO EV: debut

Mahindra’s also stated during the launch that its new EV lineup will include two sub-brands, the XUV.e series, and the BE series. The XUV.e8 will come first in December 2024, followed by the XUV.e9 in April 2025. The BE.05 will make its debut in October 2025, while the BE.07 will arrive in October 2026. The launch of the BE.09 has not yet been determined.

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