House of the dragon episode 9 spoilers on Reddit, a recap of episode 9

House of the dragon episode 9 spoilers on Reddit, a recap of episode 9 I am reminded of the lovely scene of Cersei and Jaime’s twin lovers coming together due to the death of their horrific, poisoned son Joffrey at his own wedding. Or my pity for Melisandre, the 900-year-old witch with the shadow monster who was briefly reduced to ash after the furious battle and was responsible for some of the show’s most horrifying acts. It is a subtle reminder that the human heart, despite its numerous imperfections and prejudices, tends to be tolerant and empathetic in the face of suffering and love. Follow For More Updates at

This week, as Daemon assisted Viserys in ascending the Iron Throne while watching House of the Dragon, I experienced a similar emotion. Damon collects the fallen crown, which he has desired since the beginning of the series, and lays it in Wesse Reese’s scales for the final time.

House of the dragon episode 9

Obviously, none of this would have worked if Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, and the writers hadn’t spent the previous seven weeks cultivating a connection that glowed with mutual adoration despite the animosity and outrage they’d otherwise generated. A few minutes later, we watch Daemon decapitate a man in under two minutes, so it’s not surprising that pure love and fresh dragon eggs may have softened Daemon after an almost wordless conversation.

The scenario is similarly significant in a farewell performance by Considine and Viserys (R.I.P. ), but one of the second sons, the eclipsed and dissatisfied Westeros, receives the majority of the action.

Vaemond Velaryon (Will Johnson) sabotages everything with his cunning, if eventually unsuccessful (and then several) pleas to thwart his brother’s desires and seize control of his home, castle, and reign. Daemon was the one who initially discovered Velmond’s objectives, and he was also the one who destroyed them permanently with his sword. Edmond has shattered the fragile family ceasefire by toasting his “brave” nephew in advance of what now appears to be an imminent conflict.


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