Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.

Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB. In the realm of tablets, there are not many possibilities. In the area of Android, you will almost never deviate from Samsung or, more likely, an iPad. Many Android users will be seduced by the appeal of an iPad, as Apple tablets are just superior. However, the Honor Pad 8 is an intriguing tablet that takes a somewhat different approach. It is significantly more targeted toward media consumption and has a price tag to match. Follow For More Updates at Rapiddnews.com

Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.
Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.

If you require a tablet for watching videos, listening to music or operating a smart home ecosystem, this may be the tablet for you. It’s not the most powerful, so don’t anticipate productivity, but it has a fantastic, huge screen and excellent speakers. It is a cheap device for watching your favorite movies, TV episodes, and YouTubers, and it does a fantastic job of doing so – considerably better than the majority of its competitors in this price range.

I appreciate that the Honor Pad 8 does not attempt to be anything other than a media consumption device. It excels at what it was supposed to accomplish, and it doesn’t try to cram in a ton of other features. If you desire productivity, avoid the Honor Pad 8. If all you need is a tablet for media consumption, this is virtually as good as those that cost significantly more.

Honor Pad 8: Availability and pricing

The Honor Pad 8 is available for €329 on both the HiHonor and Amazon European websites. The price for residents of the United Kingdom is £269.99.

Honor Pad 8: Specifications

CPUSnapdragon 680
Dimensions and weight240.2mm x 159mm x 6.9mm520g
Display12-inch 2K IPS LCD2000×1200350 nits60Hz
Camera5MP main front-facing camera
Memory4GB RAM/64GB, 128GB
NetworkLTE: Enhanced 4X4 MIMO, 7CA, LAA, LTE Cat. 20
SensorsAccelerometer, Barometer, Gyro sensor, Geomagnetic sensor
OSAndroid 12 with MagicUI 6.1 on top
PriceStarts at £269.99

Honor Pad 8: Design and display

The display is the most significant aspect of the Honor Pad 8, and the firm has done a good job with it. It is sharp, clear, and reasonably bright. It’s wonderful for viewing Netflix or YouTube, and it came in handy during my recent trip to Berlin for IFA 2022 when I was able to relax and watch anything.

Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.
Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.

It lacks some functions and is not the most technically amazing display available. There is no HDR functionality, and the display is an IPS rather than an OLED. While it is debatable whether OLED or IPS is superior for watching movies or television, OLED is superior in the vast majority of other situations. If you prefer an IPS display for media consumption, you will have no issues with this gadget.

The Honor Pad 8 does a terrific job of fitting in the essentials for a low-cost media consumption tablet. The large display with a high resolution is the most crucial feature of the situation, and the broader 5:3 aspect ratio can display all types of content without difficulty. Both older 4:3 videos (such as older episodes of Futurama) and more recent 16:9 content (such as later episodes) look terrific. Overall, the Honor Pad 8’s display is excellent for such a low-priced gadget, and it’s evident that this was its primary priority.

Nonetheless, I did observe that the back of the device was slightly scuffed from being carried in my backpack. Even though I did nothing particularly detrimental to it, there are still obvious scratches on it after two weeks of use. It’s an inexpensive device with a plastic back, so I presume that’s how it happened. It’s not a tremendous concern, but it’s worth remembering that you will likely need to guard it somewhat if you want it to retain its immaculate appearance.


The Honor Pad 8 is equipped with eight speakers, four on each side, capable of producing loud, clear sounds. They are ideal for content consumption and sound decent for integrated speakers. The one issue I have with the Honor Pad 8’s audio is that it lacks a headphone port, which is a bit of a letdown considering the device’s media consumption prowess.

Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.
Honor Pad 8 review: big battery backup 7,250mAh and with 4GB of RAM/64GB, 128GB.

I tested these speakers with a wide variety of music, television shows, and YouTube videos, and found that they generally performed well. Depending on the songs (the second chorus of No Halo by Sorority Noise is a great example), it can sound extremely murky; however, this is due to the fact that these are tablet speakers. These speakers are more than competent for playing music and other content types.

Software, battery life, and performance

The Honor Pad 8’s performance is mostly irrelevant, given it is not marketed as a productivity device and is not intended to be used for work. However, it is vital to note that this gadget utilizes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, a mid-range processor. It is adequate for very simple games and similar tasks, but you will notice it struggles with more intensive tasks. When it comes to media decoding, it is most applicable. I receive a grade of 3

Regarding battery life and software, I no longer have the figures I had saved from watching YouTube and Netflix on this gadget, and the cause is software-related. When I removed the tablet from my bag, I observed that it was no longer powered on. I learned, upon turning on the gadget, that it had reset itself, and I had lost everything. This contained my battery screenshots, benchmarks, and other data acquired throughout this review. While I believe it is related to the fact that my handset was previously running pre-release software, I am compelled to disclose it because Honor has not publicly confirmed this.

However, the battery life when using it was rather good. I could charge it rapidly with the provided 22.5W charger (for a 7250 mAh battery, at least), and it would easily last me a whole day.

However, this program is Magic UI 6.0. According to Honor’s EU president, the EMUI-like appearance of Huawei’s smartphones will soon alter. This means that the next version of Magic UI 7.0 may feature a radically different design than what you see now. The tablet’s user interface is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and makes sense. There is nothing exceptional here, but there need not be.


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