BGMI is the game? A government order resulted in the removal of the game from the Android and iOS app stores.

BGMI is the game? A government order resulted in the removal of the game from the Android and iOS app stores. Yesterday, BGMI was abruptly withdrawn from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. The game was initially removed from the Play Store but stayed in the App Store until its eventual removal. Krafton responded to a request for comment on this topic by stating that it was investigating the removal of the game and would elaborate once it had more information. Follow for more updates at

BGMI is the game? A government order resulted in the removal of the game from the Android and iOS app stores.
BGMI is the game? A government order resulted in the removal of the game from the Android and iOS app stores.

Although the ban is suspected, the cause for the removal of the apps remains unknown. According to a statement made by Google, the app’s removal from the Play store was prompted by the government mandate. In addition, they stated that they had informed Krafton of the withdrawal of the game, but Krafton is still seeking clarity from Google.

Most popular sport in India

The game company stated earlier this month that its BGMI had topped 100 million registered users. It was also stated that BGMI has finished one year as India’s most popular game”The first year of BGMI was a spectacular success, as millions of people joined to play the game Krafton explains.CEO Changan Kim said in a statement.

$100 million was invested to enhance the gaming ecosystem in India

In the previous year, the game maker invested roughly $100 million in India’s domestic video game, e-sports, and entertainment firms in order to foster a thriving gaming startup ecosystem. In 2022, according to Krafton, there will be four professional and semi-professional tournaments (BMOC, the just-ended BMPS Season 1, BGIS Season 2, and BMPS Season 2) offering Rs 6 crore in cash prizes and enabling players from throughout India a platform to demonstrate their skills.

Is BGMI still playable after being removed from the App Store and Play Store?

Thursday, BGMI was deleted from the Play Store and App Store in response to government demand. Those who installed the game prior to its removal can continue to play it. If the game is installed on your smartphone, you can play it without any issues. Currently, all game features, including new game modes and maps, are functioning. The game can be played by current users till Krafton discontinues BGIMI’s services in India.

In India, BGMI is the most popular sport and arguably one of the most popular Battle Royale games. The battleground has recently been on television with Godwin’s Masters Series, and the app has more than 100 million users. Due to the game’s unparalleled popularity, banning it would have a negative effect on the gamers, businesses, and individuals currently involved in the Battleground community. The government has not yet issued an official statement prohibiting the game.

It is evident that BGMI contributes to the growth of Esports in India. When gambling is forbidden, everything becomes into veins. Several reports indicate that Krafton will meet with MeitY officials to discuss this subject; the conclusion of this meeting will affect the future of the sport in the country. We can only cross our fingers and hope for a positive outcome.

BGMI is prohibited in India for unknown reasons.

The maker of BGMI, Krafton, verified the news and stated, “We are clarifying how BGMI was removed from the Google Play Store and the App Store and will provide further additional information as it becomes available.” The Indian government, according to Google’s representatives, issued a legal order to remove Battleground from the Play Store.” Upon receiving the order, we alerted the impacted developer and banned access to the app, which was still available on the Play Store in India,” the company stated.

Those who already have the game downloaded on their devices still have time, since they may still visit the BGMI servers and participate in a number of Team Death Matches before the game disappears forever. We await an official announcement from either the government of India or Krafton Inc. regarding the cause of the new (soft) prohibition (or comes back with a bang).

After its international counterpart, PUBG Mobile was banned, BGMI was developed exclusively for India. Along with a number of other apps and games with Chinese origins, PUBG Mobile was banned for allegedly transmitting user data through Chinese servers, hence posing a threat to national security. Following a series of discussions, negotiations, and other events, the makers were able to (kind of) sneak in a game with the same content but a different title.

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