A description of the AOD Customization feature can be found in OPPO ColorOS 13.

A description of the AOD Customization feature can be found in OPPO ColorOS 13. Android 13 is now available, bringing numerous upgrades and enhancements to Android phones. OPPO is working to provide you with the most recent upgrade in the form of ColorOS 13, which is slated to roll out to phones throughout the year beginning in August.

Because ColorOS is a highly regarded operating system, we are eager to see what new features OPPO will provide in the second half of 2022. In addition, we are ecstatic to reveal how these enhancements work together to promote your product, making ColorOS 13 the perfect assistant for smart work and life. Continue reading for a summary of all the new features in OPPO ColorOS 13. Follow For More Update at Rapiddnews.com

A description of the AOD Customization feature can be found in OPPO ColorOS 13.
A description of the AOD Customization feature can be found in OPPO ColorOS 13.

New OPPO ColorOS 13 Feature that Enhances Your Work Productivity

Multi-Screen Connect facilitates the smooth use of many devices. Your workflow may now be transferred seamlessly from your phone, your OPPO Pad Air, and your PC computer. This enables you to effortlessly synchronize your duties with a more uniform structure. OPPO ColorOS 13’s new Multi-Screen Connect function enables the transmission of numerous file kinds between devices without spending data.

This direct connection works even without an internet connection, as the devices link to each other directly. This functionality also offers clipboard sharing between devices to make copying and pasting easier. Using Multi-Screen Connect, you can display many applications simultaneously on the bigger display of your desktop or laptop. With Multi-Screen Connect, you no longer have to waste time switching between applications.

New capabilities for the Smart Life

New improvements to the home screen allow for greater customization, facilitating faster access to frequently used functions and features. The shelf is a feature of ColorOS 13 that provides a rapid overview of a collection of widgets with relevant information. With a search bar at the top, it is easier than ever to access the local and online information you require.

Discover new Home Screen Widgets that can dynamically display useful information. Then, establish a collection of apps that can be launched from the home screen using the Large Folder option. You no longer need to visit the folder to view app icons; they are shown in the default view!

The Always-On Display has been one of the highlights of ColorOS for the previous few iterations, and the OPPO ColorOS 13 upgrade makes it even better. Always-On Display minimizes the menu hierarchy and enables quick access to essential information.

This expedites and simplifies user access to information. This is provided with information on meal delivery from Zomato and Swiggy. Bitmoji Always-On Display takes your animated character to the AOD and mimics what your phone believes you are doing at the time in real life. Insight Always-On Display displays a user’s digital activity directly on their AOD utilizing a color bar that counts the number of times you’ve unlocked your phone and the amount of time you’ve spent on the device.

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